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Welcome to HorseSense
Introduction  Thank you for visiting HorseSense, the Internet portal to Lazy R Ranch Enterprises.  This page only describes a little about the site, myself, and how Lazy R Ranch Enterprises came to be.
You may skip this page if you like . . .
Let me introduce myself.
I am Mark Rector, the son of Richard "RD" Rector, the founder of the Lazy R Ranch. RD's Dad Everett was one half Indian, of the Miami tribe, of the Wea Clan, and a descendent of Techumseh.
RD married Barbara Ann Harrison, daughter of Mr. Carrol Harrison of Carroll County, Indiana. Carroll's greatgreatgreatgrandfather was President William Henry Harrison. As in "Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too," the first presidential campaign slogan in American history.
William Henry Harrison defeated the followers of Techumseh at the Battle of Tippecanoe, opening up the Northwest Territory to settlers, got himself apointed  the first governor of the territory, and then led Indiana into statehood. Then he got himself elected President of the United States, and died in office. Many of his descendents continued to live in the region immediately surrounding Tippecanoe County, and Here I Am.
By the way, President William Henry Harrison's grandson Benjamin Harrison was also elected president.
How the www.horsesense.ws Web Site Came to be . . .
I originally purchased this Domain Name www.horsesense.ws for a friend, Paul Hellebrand. Paul is probably the most gifted horseman I have ever personally met. He specializes in "non-restraint horsemanship," but don't ever call him a "trainer." I have seen him place a lariat over the neck of a thirteen year old wild mustang stallion - covered with scars from previous battles in the wild - without ever resorting to force. The stallion just extended his neck while Paul slowly placed it over his head. If one were to try to do this without using "non-restraint" methods, it would have required several cowboys, lots of rope, lots of time, and probably resulted in not a few bruises, breaks, and bumps to the cowboys (and probably a few choice words along the way).
Then, Paul decided that he didn't need a web site, he was too busy as it was, and I was "stuck" with this Domain Name, horsesense.ws. So I decided to use it for the Lazy R Ranch Enterprises, a company built in tribute to RD.
HorseSense is what I am trying to make out of all of these businesses I have somehow gotten myself into.

(yes, you're absolutely correct, "into" is a preposition. Reminds me of, "...up with which I shall not put"~Churchill)

I'll let you go now, I hope you find what you were looking for.

(yep, right again.  I know that "for" is also a preposition, but let's not be arrantly pedantic about this: Let's exercise a little HorseSense)
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