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Welcome to Lazy R Ranch Enterprises
What you will find on this site:     (Search WWW.HorseSense.ws)
We represent a variety of products and services: Horsedoc Equine Health Care and Husbandry information, HoofGrid soil stabilization systems among others.
The HoofGrid, StabiliGrid and HomeGrid products are made by the premiere Manufacturers of their types of products in the world. They are the finest systems available to American horse owners and cattle operations.  Also available is the Web site for Lazy R Ranch, along with acknowledgements and web site design & information.   Back to Top
The American home of das original ECORASTER® since 2001 
We first discovered ecoraster as an equine footing and flooring system. It was being used by European horse owners in stables and barns, arenas and round training pens, stalls and aisles, paddocks and dry lots, driveways and parking areas, and more.  Its use allowed year-round use of paddocks and turnouts, in spite of heavy rainfall.
A Permanent Solution for Muddy Paddocks.
ECORASTER allows us to offer permanent alternatives to paving or other impervious surfacing: used with either grass or firmly-anchored crushed stone.  Widely used in Europe for:
public rural or mountainous roads
unlike pavement, it does not crack or become unlevel due to winter ground-freezes,
unlike conventional crushed stone surfaces, HoofGrid does not rut or develop potholes - constantly requiring reapplication of more stone and repeated surface grading,
governmental, commercial and private driveways and roads,
governmental, commercial and private parking lots and areas
public and private grass-lawn traffic areas - either vehicular or pedestrian traffic
for vehicular parking or traffic overflow areas: it can withstand up to 35 tons per square foot (e.g. a fully loaded dump truck or earthmoving equipment cannot kill the grass),
for pedestrian areas - such as parks, outdoor expos or fairs, or parks - no matter the amount of rainfall or traffic, people will not be trampling the area into a mudhole and killing the grass.
Ecoraster was originally designed and manufactured for a much broader range of uses, most significantly as an ecologically friendly alternative to pavement in Europe.  It provides a permeable-surface alternative to asphalt or concrete roadways, lots and parking areas:
rainfall seeps through the surface into the subsoil, where Mother Nature is quite able to degrade any chemicals from automobiles,
instead of collecting on a paved surface, where every rain washes the chemicals and detritus into the storm sewers, directly into our lakes and streams.
This helped greatly improve the conditions of the lakes, rivers and streams in Europe: it prevents runoff of petroleum products into the storm sewers, which was killing them.
Because we have a similar problem here in the Pacific Northwest - the lakes and streams are becoming polluted, many of the famous salmon fishing areas warn against eating the salmon caught there - we have expanded our product line to include all the EcoRaster applications.   Back to Top
Horsedoc, Plain Talk about Horse Health 
Easy to read articles written over a period of twenty years, by Dr. Robert L. Leonard, DVM, AAEP. Most articles take 1-3 minutes to read, and each addresses a specific topic.
The Web site provides a Table of Contents, Article Search function, Visual Site Map, and many more features ("cute horse pictures" from our guests is very popular). You may search for articles now, use this box:   
        No more searching for hours on the Internet for a few minutes of information about your horse: just go to Horsedoc, read a few articles about any certain topic, and get back to your horses with the information you need!  
The Lazy R Ranch web site.  
The Lazy R Ranch has been relocated since the passing of its founder, Richard Darell Rector. His widow, Audrey Rector, has returned to her hometown in Louisiana, and is rebuilding the Lazy R Ranch nearer to her family and lifelong friends.

The new Lazy R Ranch web site - www.lazyrminis.com - is up and running.  But I have left the "legacy/tribute" Lazy R Ranch web site up and running as well, in memory of its founder, Richard "RD" Rector (Dad).    Back to Top
Acknowledgements and Browser Compatibility: 
Web Browsers:
LETTERS TOO SMALL?  CHANGE THE TEXT SIZE>> You may very easily make many web sites easier to read with a couple of mouse strokes:
1) In your browser menu "View" select "Text Size> Largest"  See how easy that was?
This is possible on this HorseSense web site, because we have discontinued using CSS and I-Frames.  It's a lot more work for us, but is much nicer for our visitors to adjust the TextSize to accommodate their personal preferences (or for their eyesight - I know).
2) This web site is optimized for high-resolution monitor setting. If the pages seem too large and scroll off the side of your monitor, please consider adjusting your monitor resolution to a higher setting.  If you have a lower setting in order to read the "fine print" - but on many web sites use CSS to prevent resizing of the text - we sympathize with you.  Feel free to file complaints to every web site you find, which will not allow you to adjust the text size of their web sites: in my opinion, this is an inconsiderate and lazy practice on their parts.
To set your monitor to a higher resolution:
1) On your desktop "Right Click" and select "Properties"
2) Select the "Settings" tab and find the "Screen Resolution" settings.
3) Set the resolution to a higher setting.
4) Lower setting actually reduce the quality of the images on your computer, a higher setting utilizes more of your monitor's capabilities.
Changing Text Sizes changes the Look :|:    Yes, which may be why so many web designers use CSS - it allows them to tightly control the appearance of the web sites they design.
This web site relies on just a tiny bit of CSS ("cascading style sheets," a system of controlling the appearance of web sites) in order to define its look and attributes (the text/css style sheets are embedded into the pages, instead of calling them from an externally loaded "main.css" stylesheet/document). However, this minimal use of CSS does not prevent the visitor/user from changing the text size - if they wish.
We used to control the look and style using CSS, but we have repented.  

Browser Compatibility :|:     This web site has been tested in Ms Internet Explorer IE6, Netscape 6 and 7 and Opera 6.
FireFox:  The Mozilla FireFox browser is still in its infancy, therefore some of the features of this web design will not correctly display in FireFox (without the user installing some of the many FireFox "browser add-ons").
I personally like FireFox, and use it frequently.  Unlike Internet Explorer and many other browsers, FireFox allows the USER to decide what extras and add-ons they wish to have.  
With most of the other browsers it is an all-or-nothing type of decision, when being faced with the question: "Should I upgrade to the newest version, with all its new hacks and weaknesses, or stick with the old version that just does not work that well any more?"
I personally have elected to "keep it lean" to make it work faster, and have fewer weaknesses and "hacks" in the code.  
Therefore, I must understand that this "lean version" of FireFox may not correctly display (or "render") all web sites perfectly.  
I will live with this as an acceptable tradeoff.
This Web site will not work as it should in Netscape 4. I love the Netscape browsers (the Netscape 4.73 version is my all-time favorite), but the Netscape 4 browser is nearly 4 years old now and came out when CSS was just beginning. It is therefore recommended that all Internet users upgrade to the latest browsers, if their computer is able to run the newer browsers.
Upgrading your browser is a painless experience. It will greatly improve your ability to fully utilize and enjoy the Internet, and will benefit you in the long run. Although we do our best to make sure that this web site works in current browsers, we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with all browsers. If you have any problems displaying this web site, please visit the web page at Horsedoc - Equine Notes of Dr. Robert L. Leonard DVM.  It has instructions and active hyperlinks to the various browsers' web sites, where you may download the latest versions for free.    Back to Top
I would like to thank Dr. Robert L. Leonard, DVM, AAEP, for the opportunity to work with him in developing his New Concept web site. Dr. Leonard's official Business Web site www.horsedoc.org lists his business contact information, location (MAP), phone and FAX, and so on. His "Equine Notes" articles are hosted on this HorseSense Web site.    Back to Top
Also deserving of citation is Paul Hellebrand:
Paul's business HorseSense NonRestraint Horsemanship inspired this domain Name. Paul and Linda and Sarah Cummings, of Willow Springs, Missouri were a tremendous source of friendship and assistance during my stay in Missouri, during my father's illness. They also purchased from us two remarkable colts, LRR Rain Man and LRR Silver ("Charlie"). Paul is the most skilled horseman I have ever personally met, much of the magic he performs with horses is impossible. The last time I heard form Paul, he was relocating HorseSense NonRestraint Horsemanship to North Carolina, and had contracted some business with several operations in Europe (Denmark and/or Germany, I believe). If you come across this Web site, Paul or Linda or Sarah Cummings, I would very much like to hear from you.
Web Site Design: 
Finally, I admitted that I do not possess an eye for graphic design.  Although I did the actual web site creation and publication, I sought help to come up with a good "look" for the site.
The overall "look" of this web site was provided by Diane at Designs By Duchess.
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