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Lazy R Ranch EnterprisesLazy R Ranch Miniature Horse Barns and Stalls - durable and convertible.

PERFECT FOOTING surfaces for Dressage, Hunting/Jumping and. There is nothing better for classical dressage, jumping or eventing arena footing.
(aka "GGT" recently in the USA. "Perfect Footing™" is our older, American brand name for this original, genuine German GeoTextile, dating back four years when we first began importing and distributing/installing it.)

ProEquus™ Arena Base Systems.
The Olympics can have anything they want, but they only want the best.  
Ask me why this system is used for future (and previous) Quadrennial Summer Olympics Games  ...

Komfortex® Rubber Paver systems, by Kraiburg-Relastec®.  

Foaling Schedule and Newborn Guide A Step-by-Step Guide from gestation through foaling to weaning.
Download it in:
PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
DOC (Ms Word)
WPD (Corel Wordperfect)
RTF (Rich Text File)
Feed Ration Calculator: either Download and Install or Visit a handy horse rations calculator.
Equine Notes by
Equine Health Care and Horse Husbandry
© 2001-2009, Horsedoc Dr. Robert L. Leonard, DVM
Farewell Little Dixie  A moving story about colic by a client of Dr. Leonard

This article became wildly popular on the Internet, simple advice on "Virus Alert" hoaxes

The first Lazy R Ranch web site, a tribute to LRR Founder, Richard Darrell Rector (Dad).
It included :
Rummaging Through Aunt Emma's Photographs | This Too Shall Pass  | Download - 367 KB the gift card below,  "What it's all about"

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Now,  this here's my ridin' horse, Rody the Mare ...
(ain't she a looker?)
Rody the mare by the duckpond at daybreak.

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