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The Newsletter has been temporarily suspended, due to (my) lack of available time, and (others') lack of interest.  
If you, or someone you know, would like to participate in its publication, please  contact me.  It is not that difficult, but is somewhat timeconsuming (about 2-3 hours per mailing).  I will send an address book for you to use (or a list of the Email Adresses for the subscribers).  Of course, you must be approved and/or personally known by Dr. Leonard, before this priviledged, confidential information could be entrusted to you.  I will teach you how to do the newsletter.

When conpleting the following form, please remember that I will not be receiving an email from you, rather I will be receiving the information exactly as you type it.  Therefore, if you make an error typing your email address, I will have no way to contact you or reply to you.

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