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A clean Affair
When using ECORASTER Paddock and Horse Barn Flooring Treatment System, a 3/4 inch top layer is sufficient.
Even after extended periods of rain,
mud will never again be an issue.
The grid is stable and easy to handle.
It is also extremely flexible,
even without a top layer.
ECORASTER stabilizes the soil structure
preventing the the top layer from mixing with - and dissipating into - the sub-base foundation. A permanent barrier against the mixing of the soil layers is created.

The ECORASTER system offers the best possible ground treatment solution
for almost every purpose . . .

Originally designed for ecologically-friendly, environmentally friendly uses such as soil stabilization and erosion control in:
roads, lanes and driveways (potholes, gravel runoff and rutting are prevented: because the grids permanently anchor the gravel, continuous grading is no longer required using HoofGrid),
landscaping and terra-forming (the grids permanently anchor the soil, even on slopes and hillsides),
parking lots and traffic areas (HoofGrid prevents the runoff of agricultural and petroleum chemical pollution into storm drains, which runoff traumatizes the eco-systems in local lakes, ponds and streams),
grass sod in carports, driveways and other high-traffic grassy areas (the grids support the weight of the vehicles, saving the grass)
offers custom solutions for
Dressage, jumping and riding arenas
Fairgrounds and expos
Rodeo and multi-use arenas
Lunging rings and round pens
Open stables and stalls
Access roads and walkways
Paddocks and turnouts
Parking and loading areas
Dry Lots
and more . . .