Step 2, installation
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Step 2, The ease of installing ECORASTER:
The individual plates are pre-assembled in convenient 12-plate segments, allowing a quick and easy installation.

At this point, the benefits of the grid-system become apparent, because the individual plates are firmly connected. During the installation process, each segment is dropped into place next to the previous segment, using a simple push with the foot to lock it into the patented safety grid-locking system.

Starting at one corner, the pre-assembled ECORASTER
plates are easily being installed.

It is also possible to separate the 12-plate segments, if there is not enough space to fill an entire row.

Once the installation process is complete -
and prior to filling with the top layer -
the ECORASTER is riddled, pressing it into the soil.
Simply drop each segment into position
applying foot-pressure to snap them into place.

NOTE: Please use a sufficiently sized riddling plate - such as one used for road construction - to compress the grid into place.
No additional protective liner is necessary: the iron riddling plate may be may be applied directly on top of the ecoraster.