The Problem
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The problem:
During rainy periods, paddocks and turnouts become unusable quagmires.
You can see what the paddock looked like:

No Matter the weather
paddocks need to be accessible "rain or shine".
We can show you how to create a professional paddock.
And the icing on the cake?
In the end these paddocks turn out to be more economical than a "low-cost" construction.
Even in the dry conditions that followed
it was quite obvious that the soil had been completely destroyed, and that the individual layers had mixed. The top layer now consists of fleece particles, sand and gravel all mixed together.

This paddock cannot be saved.
From muddy quagmire to a permanently dry paddock
in three days or less . . .
A permanent solution
that is both attractive and functional.

A solution was needed . . .
. . . that made the area mud-free and accessible on a daily basis,
even during seasons of constant rainfall.

The ecoraster plastic grid system provides a permanent, economical and environmentally sound solution that meets all of your requirements. According to company owner Mr. Thorsten Hinrichs, some paddocks do not even require a sub-base underneath the grid. However, after an inspection of our particular premises, it was decided to add a flat sub-base due to the size of the area concerned and to improve surface drainage.